A little town with a whole lot of heart!

A little town with a whole lot of heart!

I have heard that any organization’s impact is measured by the loss a community feels in its absence. One week ago today, a deluge descended upon Estes Park and wreaked havoc in this beautiful town. It is through events such as this that one pauses to think about the bigger picture.

We at Brownfield’s long to be more than “just a store.” We want to be an identifying factor in the great experience people call “being in Estes Park.” What I learned this week is that people near and far hold this mountain town close to their hearts. If an organization’s impact can be measured by its absence, then a town’s impact on nation can equally be measured by its losses. Emails, phone calls, Facebook posts, etc. poured in as people desperately sought information about their beloved Estes Park. I heard one comment after another of visitors and residents who were brokenhearted over the devastation brought by the flood.

This place has created memories for millions of people. On this day, I am proud of Estes Park. The town’s recovery process is nothing short of incredible. Estes Park is a little town with a whole lot of heart!

An amazing group of people welcome you back to the mountains. See you soon…

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