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We are located on the east end of Elkhorn Avenue which is the main street of Estes Park. Our address is 350 East Elkhorn Ave. We are across the street from the Public Library and the big parking lot.

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The new Estes Park Parking Structure at the Visitor Center (691 N. St. Vrain Ave.) offers 412 spots conveniently in walking distance to downtown, as well as a connection to all the free shuttlesroutes running through the Visitor Center. The largest parking area lies east of town at the Estes Park Events Complex (1125 Rooftop Way). From here, guests can transfer to the free Estes Park shuttle lines via the Silver Route.

Two parking areas in town welcome RVs and buses. The first is the Estes Park Visitor Center (500 Big Thompson Avenue) near the intersection of highways 34 and 36 All five, color-coded lines of the free Estes Park shuttles plus the national park hiker shuttle run from the Estes Park Visitor Center; park here and you can access virtually all of Estes Park. The second is located east of Town Hall at the junction of MacGregor and Elkhorn avenues. Access this lot by heading east on Elkhorn Ave. from either highway 34 or 36, making a right into the lot near the pedestrian crossing light.

These two lots along with three more on W. Elkhorn Avenue and two others south of Elkhorn on Moraine Avenue offer unlimited parking. Additional parking areas around town present 3-hour and 30-minute options. Much of the on-street parking along Elkhorn Avenue, Moraine Avenue, Virginia Avenue and the side roads around Bond Park allows 3-hour stays. North on MacGregor Avenue and Bighorn Avenue, street parking is unlimited. Check out the Estes Park Downtown Parking Map and Schedule (pdf) to find the lot that's right for you. Whether you're pulling a camper, driving an RV, captaining a bus or steering the family car, Estes Park has a spot just for you!

n RV, captaining a bus or steering the family car, Estes Park has a spot just for you!

 All information from www.visitestespark.com