Our Story

Brownfield's is Estes Park, Colorado's favorite store! Known for having something for everyone at prices that can’t be beat, Brownfield's has been serving the people of Estes Park since 1956. The original store was oriented toward saddles and other horse goods and included western wear and cowboy boots. It was located in the Bartlett building on Moraine Avenue. In 1961, the building at 350 East Elkhorn Avenue was purchased and the store moved in for the 1962 summer season. The concept and name have been changed from Brownfield’s Leather Shop, to Brownfield’s Trading Post, and now to Brownfield's - Souvenirs & Outdoor Gear. Merchandise is now geared toward the current trend of hiking and other outdoor activities. Hiking shoes and outerwear make up a large share of the store's goods, along with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and souvenir items of the area. Brownfield’s has the largest selection of souvenir items with highest quality and best prices. The store is open from mid-May until early November each year.

Brownfield's has undergone many facelifts over the years. Part of the current Brownfield's building was actually a house owned by the Preston family. The house was built around 1909 and the main portion of the house is now the upper level of the store. In 1963, the early modernistic front was replaced by the stable type roof. In 1978, a new entry way was built after a car ran into the old sliding glass doorway. The Lawn Lake Flood of 1982 was a catalyst for extensive remodeling. In 1984, a major renovation took place which included the addition of the western style front. Also in 1984, the Estes Park Urban Renewal project began and Brownfield's brought forth a totally new design. The western front was added and the building painted with a rust, blue, and natural color scheme. The new sidewalk in front of the store was completed during the urban renewal project. Brodie's Market, a fixture in Estes Park for many years and next door to Brownfield's, closed in 1987. In 1990, Dick and Ann Barlow from Salina, Kansas purchased the Brodie property and developed Barlow Plaza. Barlow Plaza is now home to many restaurants and shops. Also in 1990, Urban Renewal developed a walkway along the Big Thompson River behind the buildings of East Elkhorn Avenue. In 1993, the interior of Brownfield's was totally redone and the current color scheme applied. At the turn of the new century, local businessman, Ed Grueff, developed the property on the east side of Brownfield's. The two developments along with Brownfield's have made the east end of Elkhorn Avenue a major retail center for Estes Park.

In September 2013, another flood hit Estes Park, and more changes came as a result of that event. All of the carpet in the store was replaced. A new tile floor was installed in the entry of the store. Other aesthetic changes took place as Brownfield’s re-worked the layout of the store. The flood took a toll on much of Northern Colorado.  The interior of the store was again updated in 2019 and will continue to evolve as trends and culture change.  

Each season, we completely sell out of all our merchandise and present a brand new store the following year.  If you would like to watch the process of how we "Become Brownfield's" each year, please visit our Facebook page.  There is no better time to visit Estes Park than this year. Plan your vacation today!