the mountains are calling


Thank you for a fantastic season, friends! We look forward to bringing you a bigger and better Brownfield's in 2023. You can follow our renovation project on Facebook and Instagram. See you in the Spring!


We believe you should do what you love and love what you do. We LOVE our store and hope you do too. There is something very special about being a seasonal business. We have the wonderful privilege of presenting you a brand new store each year filled with all new merchandise. It is our hope that you will see our passion for people and products when you shop at Brownfield's! We pride ourselves in keeping our prices fair while offering a huge, unique selection of high quality goods coupled with friendly service.

We welcome you to call us or shoot us an email for visitor information, even during the off-season. We particularly enjoy providing hiking trail information. Let us know how we can make your Estes experience excellent!

Aerial photo by Visit Estes Park

A Bigger and Better Brownfield's

We are excited to announce the next series of improvements coming to Brownfield’s! We are in the midst of a two-phase, two-year expansion and improvement project. Phase one included a new two level office building behind the store complete with office spaces, a staff lounge, storage, and a carport. We closed for the 2022 season on October 1st due to phase two of the project. Phase two will entail upgrading the interior of the store and expanding the retail floorspace. We will have new fitting rooms, new workspace, new storage, a new check-out counter, and a second entrance, among other improvements. The original part of the Brownfield’s building was constructed in 1909, so we are working hard to ensure the store’s strong future in Estes Park.

We are grateful for your decades of loyal support and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Follow us on social media to watch us become a bigger and better Brownfield’s!