Trail Conditions

RMNP Trail Conditions Report as of July 11, 2022

There is no longer an elevation above which trails are snowy. Several trails remain snowy, and in general these trails are the ones that typically hold snow later into the summer. Conditions in the mountains can change rapidly so plan ahead and be prepared.

Any Time of Year: Choose Your Destination Wisely. Always tell someone where you’re going, where you will be parked, what your intended route is, when you plan to be back home; and then let them know when you return.

Approximately 30,000 acres or 10 percent of RMNP has been impacted by the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak Fires. Some park trails remain temporarily closed due to the level of fire impacts and ongoing safety assessments. This website is updated as trails reopen. Please see the link above

A link to the Longs Peak Conditions Report is above, including information on the Keyhole Route Conditions, plus conditions to hike to Chasm Lake.


7/7/2022 Ditch Camp Trail past Lulu City
Trail is steep. No wash outs, but a number of downed trees. Some of the downed trees are close together, making it a bit precarious to pick your way over.
By a Visitor

7/5/2022 Finch Lake and Pear Lake
Finch Lake Trail from the Finch Lake Trailhead is in good shape and all snow free. One large tree down on the trail past the campsites on the way toward Pear Lake. The trail to Pear Lake is largely in spring conditions, and mud should be expected on the trail and a few small snowfields close to Pear Lake. Both lakes are completely melted out.
By a Park Ranger

7/4/2022 Thunder Lake
Trail from Wild Basin to Thunder Lake is clear of snow.
By a Park Ranger

7/3/2022 Mt. Chapin, Mt. Chiquita, Ypsilon Mountain
The route is in late spring conditions, there is still quite a bit of mud at treeline. No snowfields above treeline, but there are a few at treeline at the base of Chapin where the trail ends. Water is limited on this trail and above treeline, a lot of the usual spring runoffs are drying up.
By a Park Ranger

6/30/2022 North Inlet Trail Including Lake Nanita, Lake Nokoni, Pettingel Lake
North Inlet Trail is clear of trees to the junction. Snowfields remain on the lower switchbacks. They require some caution and timing to get good traction.The trail from the junction to Lake Nokoni is snow-free with limited downed trees. There are a couple of patchy snowfields between Lake Nokoni and Lake Nanita.
By a Park Ranger

6/29/2022 Flattop Mountain from North Inlet Trail
Snowfields above 10,700 feet are still icy early in the day and become mushy later. Some of the snowfields are very steep.
By a Visitor

6/27/2022 Twin Sisters Peaks
Twin Sisters trail from the trailhead to both peaks is all snow-free and in full summer conditions. The trail is also clear of any downed trees.
By a Park Ranger

6/26/2022 Sky Pond
Hiked up to Sky Pond from Bear Lake Trailhead. Large snowfield leading up to the falls requires careful stepping and definitely recommend poles and spikes for safety. Saw hikers slipping and most decided to slide down slowly using feet and arms to slow themselves. Do not recommend if not wearing spikes or at least poles to safely go down the slope.
By a Visitor

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