Introducing Gourmet Sugar Floss to Estes Park

Introducing Gourmet Sugar Floss to Estes Park

Brownfield's is proud to sell Gourmet Sugar Floss.  This delicious popcorn and cotton candy are made by two small boys with big hearts.  A bag of popcorn sells for $6 and the cotton candy for $4.  We have many great flavors like Smores, Rocky Mountain Drizzle, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Hot Cocoa, and Maple Bacon. Read their story.

Two Brothers One Dream
The story about two young brothers (ages 6 and 12)
Jameson and Dawson ​

“Gourmet Sugar Floss started in 2018 for several reasons. Our mother has been struggling with medical issues for about five years, with these past couple years being the toughest. She has undergone four life-saving surgeries that we will never forget. Still today she struggles with many challenges and searches for a medical cure. The business has uplifted our spirits knowing we can stay busy by keeping our minds focused and our busy souls occupied. The best part about running our small business is we get to help our family out financially even if its just a little.”
With much love, Jameson and Dawson

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