Guide to Fall Colors

Guide to Fall Colors

September has come and with more anticipation and excitement than ever before.  America survived a summer of unparalleled certainty and we warmly welcome the sweetness of September.  Bright blue skies, crisp morning air, the sound of elk bugling in the valley, and golden leaves beginning to dance in the wind.  A noted gentleness sweeps through town and the pace of life distinctly changes.  To us, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

For those looking to enjoy the golden Aspens while hiking, we have a few recommendations.  All of these hikes have strong stands of Aspen trees.

- Bierstadt Lake Trail
- Cub Lake Trail
- Deer Mountain Trail
- Around Bear Lake and Alberta Falls
- Upper Beaver Meadows
- Horseshoe Park and Alluvial Fan
- Twin Sisters
- Lumpy Ridge area
- Homer Rouse Trail

If you are looking for drives throughout Colorado, we have found both of these websites to be very informative.

If you have never experienced Autumn in the Rockies, you are missing the magic in the mountains.  We hope 2020 will be your opportunity to Fall in Love with Fall all over again.

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Thanks for the recommendations Jamie! A friend and I are gathering ideas for some fall hikes!


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