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Holding the Line by Donna Carlson

Holding the Line by Donna Carlson


It would take a lot of snow to put this fire out, but at least it’s helping to contain the perimeter and slow the spread of the fire, very similar to the way we’re locking arms (figuratively, at six-foot distance) to slow the spread of the virus. Today’s Cameron Peak Fire Update talked about shifting resources to “protect values at risk.” A member of our marketing team brought this to my attention today at the perfect time for me to share this perspective with you.

What are the values of our community? What values do we protect as a business community to make Estes Park a great place to live, work and play? How do we use our values as a guide in the way we talk to customers, employees or even our family? In my coaching training, I learned a value-based decision-making process that many of my military clients learned in creating battle strategy. What a great choice of words for our current world. Even if we were not battling a fire right now, it sure feels like we’ve been at war over a difference of perspectives concerning everything from face masks to human rights.

I get calls and letters on a regular basis from visitors who have nobody else to complain to … all about people losing their cool, clerks letting their tongues run aflame with their frustrations, even telling our guests where they can go. My answer: this is not Estes Park. People may have moments, but this town has a history of being a friendly place. There are many great people living our values every day, braving a storm of complaints,  making extraordinary accommodations for our guests and working harder than ever in a strange economy. I urge them to remember those of us clinging to our values – values at risk when tensions are high – and that’s what makes Estes Park great."

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