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Everywhere I Go

This morning, I had the privilege of sitting by a serene pond, watching the ducks swim by, and listening to the story of a new friend.  She was telling me the impact that her Fifth Grade Teacher and then her High School Counselor had on her life.  Of course, it makes me think of the multitude teachers and administrators who left an indelible mark on my heart.  One such teacher who had a profound impact on my life made me a CD of songs years ago that were meaningful to our friendship.  One of the songs on the CD is "Everywhere I Go" by Willie Nelson. 
The lyrics are:

"I'll take you with me everywhere I go
I'll put you in my pocket, who will know?
Right next to my heart at every show
I'll take you with me everywhere I go
No matter where our trails will finally wind
Our paths will just keep crossing, yours and mine
Until then, and in my pocket you must go
I'll take you with me everywhere I go"
Due to the circumstances of this year, many people have reached out to us and told us they had to change or cancel their trip to Estes Park this season.  Our hearts go out to them because we know that a trip to Estes Park is a long-standing tradition for many.  They look forward with great anticipation to driving the winding canyon road leading to the breathtaking view of Estes Park.  There is nothing quite like the sight of Estes Park as you descend upon her.  Their hearts are filled with joy at seeing their friend again and they take comfort in arriving at place that feels like home.
It is my mission to take you "everywhere I go" in the mountains this summer.  We will use technology to bring you with us on our mountain adventures.  To those of you who are disappointed that you can't be here this year, we'll put you in our pocket and take you with us everywhere we go.

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