Collection: Belong Designs

We are excited to introduce you to the newest product line at Brownfield’s - Belong Designs. Belong Designs was born out of the Rocky Mountains where the driving force and passion of the brand has always been the same: to support and inspire everyone to follow their passions, do what they love, and find where they Belong. The company was started in 2013, and since then the idea of Belonging has been an all-encompassing idea and mission. They are not destination focused – they are dedicated to enjoying the journey. Every day, they strive to make every part of their process - their designs, their fabrics, and their clothing - just a little bit better so that they can continue to elevate experiences in all parts of life. This Colorado Company is dedicated to making the best versatile clothes they can, to help you simplify what you wear and spend more time doing what you love. Ben and Mark are entrepreneurial engineers who love adventure, appreciate apparel and have a big heart for people.

Belong Designs has quickly become a staff favorite at Brownfield’s! It’s crazy comfortable and super cute. More importantly, it is made with high quality fabrics, attention to detail, and outstanding performance capability. Although their designs are all adventure ready - perfect for an active lifestyle and exploring the outdoors - their products are also designed to be comfortable, fashionable and unique in a low maintenance/high performance type of way that is perfect for any day.